Association of Polish Engineers partners with Native Scientist

STP is glad to announce our partnership with Native Scientist, a network of international scientists. With the sets of goals in common, STP and Native Scientist will strive to work towards promoting science and language integrated learning. Through this partnership, both STP and Native Scientist will have opportunities to reach out more students and foster cooperation between scientific and local communities.

Both organizations are deeply engaged in advocating diversity and equality in education and the workforce through activities aiming to inspire ethnic minority students to pursue higher degree and consider STEM career.

Over recent years, STP have led number of public engagement events aiming to promote science, technology and engineering amongst Polish community in the UK. Employee of UK-based companies, scientists and entrepreneurs – members of STP – regularly deliver workshops, lectures, exhibitions and science festivals for students of Polish Saturday schools as well general public.

Ewelina Wachnicka, STP project coordinator, states: “We are proud to join our force with Native Scientist. Both organizations contribute to science education, but most importantly, encourage migrant children to preserve their heritage language. This is crucial in helping to sustain cultural and national identity in multicultural society. We want to show that irrespectively of our background, origin and language we speak, science is a great medium for bringing people together. Many of our volunteers speak more than two languages, studied in multiple countries, work for recognized companies – are role model, showing students the importance of languages in personal development and pursuing professional career”.

Through this partnership, STP and Native Scientist see the opportunity to strengthen each organizations’ through:

  • Developing a training webinar/workshops complementing ongoing activities 
  • Organizing an International Multilingual Science Day in London

We are excited to be part of Native Scientist network and looking forward to our future joined initiatives.

About STP 
STP is an organization for individuals and institutions working in engineering, construction and science in Great Britain. Since 1940 our Association includes professionals representing various disciplines of engineering, as well as enthusiasts of science and technology. As part of our activity, we support the professional and personal development of the Association’s members, promote the latest technical developments, and integrate the Polish scientific and technical community in Great Britain.

About Native Scientist 
Created by international migrant scientists for international migrant children, Native Scientist is a young and passionate multi-award-winning, European-wide, non-profit organisation that unites advocates for diversity and inclusion in science and education. In the classroom or beyond, Native Scientist actively engages with 200+ scientists every year, inspiring over 1,000 pupils to consider a science-related career and feel proud to use their heritage language.