Czwartek 4U Online Seminar Addresses Challenges Faced by Immigrant Women in STEM

Czwartek 4U hosted a special online seminar on March 16th, featuring four guest speakers: Marta Kwiatkowska, Agata Nyga, Ewelina Wachnicka, and Joanna Moscoso. The focus of the seminar was on the experiences of immigrant women in STEM fields in the UK, and the event was arranged by the Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain to accompany the recent publication of the Report on Polish Women Working in STEM in the UK – Unleash the Potential.

During the webinar, the guest speakers shared what inspired them to work in STEM and discussed the challenges that immigrant women may face in these fields. They also explored ways to create more inclusive and supportive workplace environments for all employees. The seminar provided valuable insights into the importance of addressing these challenges in the workplace and was a valuable and informative event for anyone interested in promoting the role of women in STEM.