Czwartek 4 You - 23 November 2017

The Association Polish Engineers in Great Britain

Czwartek 4YOU

Virtual Reality (VR) in Building Design

The presentation will be about the latest VR technology, the hardware and software currently available on the market and how it works.

Speaker: Michal Zu

Michal will present various practical examples of VR use in construction sector and the benefits that came with the use of this technology.

Michal is a BIM Academy Coordinator at Bentley Systems. He has graduated from the University of Cardiff and he has been in the construction sector for 5 years.

czwartek, 23/11/2017 - 19:00

POSK - Sala multimedialna
238-246 King Street
London, W6 0RF

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238-246 King Street, 
London W6 0RF

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