Czwartek 4 YOU - 14th December 2017

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation – Is There a Good Opportunity For You To Be Involved?

To be presented by:

Gordon Grigor - Business Development Manager UK & Ireland – Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Gordon has been involved in EV charging since it was introduced into the UK and is involved in every type of charging requirement, residential, light commercial, full commercial charging and Rapid charging. He can provide you with sound advice on what equipment is best, where the opportunities are, what training is required, how to register as an authorised installer and will be able to provide answers to any related questions.

After the presentation will take place the festive networking with the music of Artur Wielgus with the band.

December 14, 2017, Malinowa Room, 7 PM, 

POSK  238-246 King Street  London  W6 0RF

czwartek, 14/01/2016 - 19:00

POSK - Sala Malinowa
238-246 King Street
London, W6 0RF

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238-246 King Street, 
London W6 0RF

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