The most important body of STP is the annual General Meeting, which elects the Association’s Trustees and the Audit Committee.The General Meeting also approves the budget and plans for the upcoming year. All full, honorary and corporate members of the Association have the right to vote at the General Meeting.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the day-to-day activity of the Association, its expenses and approval of the activities of the Project groups. Board meetings are held once a month and any STP member can participate. The following functions are defined within the Board of Trustees:

  • Chair – responsible for coordinating the work of the Board and representing the Association in contacts with external partners
  • Financial Officer – responsible for the finance of the Association.
  • Secretary – responsible for documents and formal matters as well as communication with members and partners of STP.
  • Committees responsible for specific activities of the Association:
    • Membership Committee – responsible for examining membership applications.
    • Technical Academy – responsible for STP training activities.

The Audit committee is independent of the Board and its role is to control STP finances and the activities of its authorities.

In addition to the formal structure, STP also has project groups – teams that implement individual projects of the Association.

Independently from the Association there is also a charity foundation – STP Benevolent Fund, to which all members of the Associations belong. Its purpose is to support STP members who find themselves in a difficult life or financial situation.