Honorary Members

Unlike academic institutions, professional organizations do not use the prestigious title of Doctor Honoris Causa to recognise exceptional individuals from the science and engineering communities. Instead, an equivalent in some way, is the prestige of an Honorary Membership, which is bestowed by the AGM of such professional organizations. Qualifying criteria are primarily achievements in the fields of science, career and social involvement in the organization, both nationally and internationally. 

STP has awarded this honour to, amongst others, Professor Olgierd Zienkiewicz, a world-renowned mechanical engineer, who in 2016 was awarded the title of Polish Engineer of the Year. Another recipient of an Honorary Membership is Professor Michał Kleiber, former president of PAN (the Polish Scientific Academy). 

prof. dr inż. Olgierd Zienkiewicz †
(nr 1/2003)

Mechanical engineer, scientist. Father of the Finite Element Method. One of the most honoured professors in the United Kingdom (28 dhc).
prof. dr inż. Stanisław Z. Makowski †
(nr 2/2004 – członek STP)

Developed the theory of large spatial structures, the application of which in construction, was widely published.
inż. Jerzy Płoszajski †
(nr 3/2004 – członek STP)

Aerospace engineer, developed „Smyk” aircraft.
inż. Czesław Woyno †
(nr 4/2004 – członek STP)

Civil engineer, soldier, lecturer, volunteer. Founding member of POSK and POSK secretary.
mgr inż. Kazimierz Wawrzyniak 
(nr 5/2004)
Secretary general of FSNT-NOT. Member of the FEANI board.
Prezydent Ryszard Kaczorowski †
(nr 6/2005)

Last president of the Polish Republic in Exile. Died tragically in the Smolensk Air Crash. Patron and sponsor of numerous STP projects in the UK
​​mgr inż. Kazimierz Mochliński †
(nr 7/2005 – członek STP)

Electrical engineer. Member of IEE and CIGRE.
mgr inż. Janusz Zastocki
(nr 8/2005)

Mechanical engineer living in USA since 1981. Former chair of Polonia Technica Inc and chair of Polish Council in North America.
EurEng. Ryszard Gabrielczyk  †
(nr 9/2005 – członek STP)

Civil engineer. Designed numerous large structures in the UK (including POSK). Chair of the Membership Committee of the Association.
 inż. Adam Ostrowski  †
(nr 10/2005-członek STP)

Civil engineer. Designed bridges and public buildings. Bomber pilot during the second World War. Long-term chair of the Association.
dr inż. Jan Starczewski
(nr 11/2006)

Scientist, writer, author of several papers and articles. Worked in number of industries including oil and gas.
dr Jan Mokrzycki
(nr 12/2007)

Medical doctor, outstanding social activist. Long-time chair of Association of Poles in Great Britain.
inż. Jerzy Habdank-Toczyski  †
(nr 13/2008)

Mechanical engineer, founding member of POSK. Long-time chair of the audit committee of the Association.
prof. dr inż. Jerzy Buzek
(nr 14/2010)

Scientist with vast experience in chemical engineering. Former prime minister of Poland and president of European Parliament.
prof. dr inż. Michał Kleiber
(nr 15/2010)

Polish scientist, expert in mechanical engineering and computer science. Former secretary of science (from 2007), chair of Polish Academy of Sciences, previous social advisor to President Lech Kaczyński in the area of access to science.
mgr Ewa Mankiewicz-Cudny
(nr 16/2010)
Graduate in Physics at Warsaw University. Chair of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations and editor in chief of main Polish engineering magazine: „Przegląd Techniczny” (Technical Journal).
prof. dr inż. Ryszard Chmielowiec
(nr 17/2011 – członek STP)

Textile engineer with extensive international experience in industry and academia. Long-time chair of STP and editor in chief of „Technika i Nauka” (Technology and Science).​​ First prize in the Eugeniusz  Kwiatkowski competition in 2002.
prof. dr inż. Janusz Romański
(nr 18/2011)

Aerospace engineer specialising in computer design methods for rotorcraft in USA. Member of a number of American scientific associations and institutions.
prof. arch. inż. Włodzimierz Bronic-Czerechowski
(nr 19/2011 – członek STP)

Architect and lecturer. Winner of a number of international competitions. Design contracts and realisation in 11 capital cities. Research work in intelligent, self-contained residential units.
prof. dr inż. Mirosław Wyszyński
(nr 20/2011 – członek STP)

Graduate of Warsaw University, residing in UK since 1980. Mechanical engineer, professor at Birmingham University. Expert in fuels and combustion. Professor in charge of modern vehicle technology British research team.
dr inż. Andrzej Fórmaniak
(nr 21/2015 – członek STP)

Mechanical engineer with experience of both Polish and British rail industry. Projects have included; High Speed 1 (Channel Tunnel Rail Link), Terminal 5 extension of Piccadilly and Heathrow Connect lines, Crossrail and Thameslink with responsibility for documentation associated with safety.

Involved in many Polish organisations. For his work with STP and the European Federation of Polish Scientific and Technological Societies Abroad, where he was the first president, he was awarded gold medals by both STP and NOT (Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna – which may be translated as the ‘Supreme Technical Organisation’) in Poland.

dr Jan Tarczyński
(nr 22/2016 – członek STP)

Professor of Humanities, historian, publisher journalist. Author of over 30 books and 450 articles on history of polish automation and war technology, as well as on the history of post second world war emigration of Poles. Creator of historical documentaries for Polish Television S.A.

Committee member of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London. Vice president of the Polish Cultural Foundation in Great Britain, publishers of the oldest Polish newspaper in Europe “Polish Daily, Soldiers Daily and Polish Week”. Member of the editorial board of ‘Technology and Science’ journal published by STP.

Over the period 1996 – 2010, office manager for President Ryszard Kaczorowski in London. From2008 to 2014, advisor to the office manager for the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression in Warsaw.

dr Zbigniew A. Szydło
nr 23/2019

Chemist and teacher at Highgate School in London since 1975. Born in 1949 in London. Graduate of Imperial College, London and University College London. MSc, PhD, DIC, ACGI and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, of which he is also a CChem.

Expert in the history of alchemy and his book “Water that does not wet hands: The Alchemy of Michael Sendivogius” aroused critical acclaim in academic circles. Author of many scientific papers as well as popular science publications in the science and history of chemistry. Internationally recognised as a teacher of chemistry, often giving lectures in Great Britain, Mauritius, Namibia and Poland. He has presented his own television series and lectured at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. His presentations may be found on YouTube. Heavily involved in the popularisation of science in collaboration with STP.