Professional Registration

Professional registration in Great Britain

Obtaining official registration is a very important step in the career of an engineer working in the UK. The status of a registered engineer shows employers that you not only possess relevant skills and knowledge, but you are also interested in maintaining and developing competencies required by modern engineers. Prestige associated with your title is a significant asset in your CV and can increase your chances of promotion and further career development.

In Great Britain, the following titles are awarded by the Engineering Council ( Engineering Technician (EngTech), Incorporated Engineer (IEng), Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Information and Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech).

Registration procedure

Professional registration is available to any engineer, provided that she/he is able to demonstrate the level of competence and commitment appropriate to the level specified for the given title. To start the registration procedure, it is required to join an accredited institution adequate for the given industry and complete the relevant application, competence certificate and presentation of documents confirming education.

How membership in STP helps in professional registration

Although STP currently does not have the authority to grant official titles recognised in the UK, STP’s membership is able to help with the application process by:

  • Helping to find a referee required for the application
  • Active involvement in the activity of the Association allows you to demonstrate many competences required by the UK-SPEC