The Association’s mentoring program provides the platform for members to benefit from one of the main attributes of STP; the wide range of contacts in various disciplines at all levels of professional experience. Participation in the program is an opportunity for young engineers to gain the support and knowledge of their more experienced colleagues. Many STP members are respected specialists in their industries with wide experience and established professional status. Our mentors are very willing to share their knowledge with younger colleagues, supporting them in their development and shaping of a professional career.

How does it work?

The mentoring program platform allows aspiring engineers and technicians to benefit from assistance and advice from colleagues with experience. The program is based on trust and confidentiality. In order for the interaction between participants to be most effective, we have adopted a simple process: 

  • Find a mentor for yourself

    Take a look at the brief statements of experience provided by our mentors, in order to see if one of them may be of assistance to you. 

  • Sign up to the program

    Fill in the mentoring program application form, telling us about yourself, your expectations and your preferred mentor. 

  • Contact with your mentor

    Based on your submitted information, we will provide you with the contact details of your mentor, enabling you to get in touch with him/her. 

  • Program feedback

    In due course, we will ask you and your mentor to provide feedback on your interaction and any benefits or other observations. 

Benefits of the program

Participation in the program creates many opportunities for professional and personal development, arising out of the relationship formed between mentor and mentee. These may include:

  • Personal development.
  • Career development support.
  • Learning from experienced engineers and technicians.
  • Support in solving professional problems.
  • The opportunity to confront your ideas and strategies with experienced professionals.
  • Assistance with references possibly required for registration with professional bodies or other organisations in the UK.

Benefits for mentors

Providing mentoring can be rewarding and provide personal satisfaction as a result of being able to help others in their development. Being a mentor provides:

  • The opportunity to develop communication and teaching skills.
  • Personal development in solving professional problems together with less experienced colleagues.
  • Participation in training provided for STP mentors.

If you are interested in joining our mentoring program, contact us:

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