Our mentoring programme allows members of the Association to create a network of contacts from many industries with a varied level of professional experience. Participation in the STP mentoring programme is an opportunity for young engineers to gain the support and knowledge from their experienced colleagues. Many STP members are renowned specialists in their industries with established professional position. Our mentors are very willing to share their knowledge with younger colleagues supporting them in the development and shaping of a professional career.

Benefits for the participants of the programme:

  • Personal development.
  • Career development support.
  • Learning from experienced engineers.
  • Support in solving professional problems.
  • Opportunity to confront your ideas and strategies with experienced professionals.
  • Support with references required for registration in professional institutions in the UK,
  • British vocational institutions.

Benefits for mentors:

  • Opportunity to develop communication and teaching skills.
  • Personal development in solving professional problems together with less experienced colleagues.
  • Part in dedicated training for mentors.

If you are interested in joining our mentoring program, contact us: