Promotion of Science

STP is actively involved in initiatives aimed at promotion of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the society. During this project we organise workshops and lectures for children and youth in Polish Saturday schools and Polish community centres in Great Britain.

The lectures and workshops are prepared by members and supporters of the Association. Classes are held as part of the British Science Week – the UK’s largest science, technology, engineering and maths festival. Their aim is to familiarize children and young people with scientific issues, current research trends and to inspire them to choose future professions related to engineering and technology. Issues raised during lectures and workshops go beyond the education system, complementing and enriching it. The workshops cover topics in the field of microbiology, light and colors, recycling, aerospace etc. Children in grades 7-11 are invited to lectures.

The classes are conducted by engineers and scientists of Polish origin working in the UK, which gives the pupils the opportunity to acquire scientific and technical vocabulary in Polish.