Social Life

Undoubtedly, the most important element of our activity is to create a meeting platform for Polish engineers, technicians and scientists belonging to STP. During the events organized by the Association, you can meet not only interesting people from your industry, but also colleagues who are specialists in fields with which you do not work on daily basis. Contacts gained through STP often lead to new projects, business cooperation or career development. Participation in our events is also an opportunity to meet our speakers – fascinating personalities of the world of science, business and beyond.

Apart from popular science lectures, as part of our activity, we also organize meetings of a purely social nature, during which you can spend time with your friends in a relaxed atmosphere. colleagues with STP and their families. Fixed points in our calendar is the annual Christmas meeting and picnic organized in one of the London parks. In addition, we also organize occasional events (e. g., Andrzejki) and trips to interesting cultural and technical facilities.