Technika i Nauka

50 years of Polish technical thought on emigration gathered on more than 4,500 pages of the periodical “Technika i Nauka”!

The only archival collection of articles, scientific dissertations and research results of the Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain, as well as Polish engineers, scientists and technicians living and working in different countries and continents.

The journal was a platform for the exchange of technical ideas and was a professional-personal connection of Polish technicians in exile – wrote on behalf of the Technika i Nauka editorial office. Jan Marcinkiewicz in the preface to the number 60 of Technika i Nauka on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of STP activity.

In the 50 years, 74 numbers of Technika i Nauka were published, with a total volume of 4340 pages, showing the history of professional, social and journalistic achievements of authors living on many continents. They also wrote on behalf of a wide range of Polish specialists in such fields as technology and science, art and architecture, industrial design and management of industrial processes. The archaeological heritage of this rich historical heritage can be found at: