Jiřičná is the world’s most respected architect of Czech origin. She became a prominent representative of the high tech style, but in her work we also find echoes of organic or minimalist architecture. It continually emphasizes the application of glass and metal in bold constructions that allow a flood of natural light into the interior of buildings. It is characterized by its shape elegance, lightness of expression, but also the harmony between form and function.

She is best known for her innovative use of industrial materials in retail and commercial spaces. She creatively fuses her engineering and architecture background with interior design. Through her understanding of architecture Jiřičná is able to transform the sometimes unmanageable spaces of London’s old buildings into usable area. By utilizing lighting effects and material characteristics, she maximizes space in an intriguing manner.

She has recently been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Medal supported by Fortnum & Mason for all her great work.

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