Stowarzyszenie Techników Polskich – Czwartek 4YOU

Hyperloop – the future of transport

Hyperloop is a term coined by Elon Musk in 2013 to describe a transportation system, where vehicles carrying people and cargo travel at over 1000kph within low pressure tubes. Between 2013 and now, almost $1bn has been invested in technology development and two test tracks are already operational. The presentation will cover technical aspects of the concept as well as it’s applications and implications for the society and industry. Adam and Grzegorz will also talk about their time at HYPED, the University of Edinburgh Hyperloop Team as well as about their newly founded start-up – Continuum Industries.

Adam Anyszewski – Co-founder and System Architect at Continuum Industries as well as a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh. Adam is an Electrical & Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Edinburgh and until July 2018 was the President of the HYPED Team.

Grzegorz Marecki – Co-founder and CEO at Continuum Industries. Grzegorz is a Civil Engineering graduate from Heriot-Watt University and until July 2018 was the Head of Research at the HYPED Team.

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