Universe3D Projects & Universe3D Player – Wide Range of Applications, from Business to Science and Photo Albums

Universe3D is a project aiming to create many useful 3D/VR apps for different platforms, where the user is able to move around semi-transparent 3D worlds efficiently and intuitively. Such apps can serve different purposes and be aimed at different customers.“Universe3D Player“ is the current marketing name of the 3D technology that will be used in most of the Universe3D sub-projects, such as: Album3D, Firm3D, VRMars3D, SpaceGallery3D and MountainsVR.During the presentation, you will learn about the current state of those projects, features of the underlying technology, challenges I face, possible applications and the road map.

About the presenter: The owner and CEO of the company 4AI Limited.Education: 1998 – Master of Science in Engineering, 2011 – Master of Science in Management. In September 2017 he set up the company 4AI Limited and now is just about to start offering 3D/VR apps and services based on his technology and related Universe3D Player.